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Luring of animals

  • WillowSkye by WillowSkye

    Hi Mason, when you replied to one of the volunteers in a caption last year that the scent used in the scent bags was "eau de shellfish, by Calvin Klein", I thought you were making an amazing joke 😃 Just goes to show how little I know ....

    Today, in a local advertisement booklet, I read the following Amazing Fun Fact "Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men is used by researchers to attract animals to cameras in the wilderness." I immediately thought, "Nah, surely not" ...

    So, I Google-d it tonight and Yep! It's true Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men is the fragrance of choice for field biologists

    Now I know why the animals love the scent bags so much! They have expensive taste 😉

    P.S. Sorry for not taking it seriously the first time. I had thought it a very witty remark.


  • mason_UWI by mason_UWI scientist

    Wow. I actually had no clue about that, I was just making a joke!

    Super interesting though, thanks for the share!