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Coywolves: The Incredibly Adaptable Hybrid That’s Adjusted to Both Rural and City Life

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    Thought you all might like to read this awesome article. Here's a snippet:

    "What happens when you cross a wolf with a coyote, and add in a bit of dog DNA for good measure? Most breeding between animal species results in offspring that is less robust than its non-interbred peers, and in some cases the offspring may not survive at all.

    But in the case of coyotes and wolves, the combination has proven to be an exception. In fact, the relatively new animal, known by many names including eastern coyote, coydog and coywolf, is incredibly adaptable, skilled and smart."


    "When researchers analyzed DNA from 437 coywolves, they found coyote DNA is dominant while wolf DNA makes up about one-quarter of the animals’ genetic material and dog DNA one-tenth (primarily from larger breeds like Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds)."

    Enjoy 😃


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    Wow .... I've run out of words again. So I'll go with this quote:

    Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite
    George Bancroft