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Human images

  • abloss by abloss

    Has something changed? Now when I identify a human, and go to make a comment, the image has already been replaced by a question mark. In the past, I've been able see the image for a while and make a comment for others to see. I refer specifically to the coat/glove image that created a lot of discussion. Does a human look at these images or is this an automated process? If the latter, is there a chance that the identification could have been mistaken and other eyes might correct it?


  • escholzia by escholzia

    I think it has always been the case that classifying an image as human hides it automatically- it's a privacy issue, as there's sensitivity about showing people even if it's legal. I don't see a question mark though - I see a gray color with "Human" over it.


  • ForestPreserve by ForestPreserve moderator

    Interesting, I see the word "human" on the "recent" page, but on the object page, for example ACH000a2pn, there's a broken link. Until recently, the object point did have the word "human", but the font size was too small to be legible.

    The basic idea of hiding anything marked "human" has been working this way for a while. As far as I've been able to tell, it happens as soon as you make the classification.

    Unfortunately, with DZM gone, I don't have a way to report things like this. I did get an email back in January belatedly noting DZM's departure. The email promised a new contact would be forthcoming, but I haven't seen anything further.


  • gardenmaeve by gardenmaeve

    Looks like folks are getting some problems fixed in : Talk- Troubleshooting