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Migrating talk over

  • mason_UWI by mason_UWI scientist

    Hi all,

    Lots of progress has been made on the new site, but one unfortunate aspect of moving is that it has a new 'blank' talk page. If there is anything in particular that you would like moved over to the new talk please let us know (and we will try our best to figure out how to do that).




  • ForestPreserve by ForestPreserve moderator

    Hi Mason,

    Maybe a fresh start is not a bad idea. Will this old page be offline once the new site is live?


  • gardenmaeve by gardenmaeve

    There are a few very interesting Science threads that might be good to retain. I'd agree that a fresh start has some benefits.

    That's a big job you're doing. If there are things we do to help here please say so.