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BUG: favorites getting duplicated when added from object page

  • ForestPreserve by ForestPreserve moderator

    I cleaned up my favorites this weekend, and noticed there were lots of duplicates. The cause seems to be the problem first noted in DCH0000401.

    When I "favorite" an image using the star on the classify page, it does not get duplicated.

    When I "collect" an image from its object page, for example ACH000ansj, it gets duplicated if the collection is "Favorites". For any other collection, the object only gets added once.

    There is no way to fix the duplicates. When I edit my "Favorites" to delete a duplicate, it deletes both instances of the duplicate, removing the image from the collection.

    This issue can be seen in my "Favorites" collection: CCHS00001s. Images such as ACH000cagx and ACH000034s are duplicated. These were collected from the object pages. The image ACH0004fca is not duplicated, since it was added using the star on the classify page.

    Another curious quirk is that the duplicate image occurs only the first time an image is added to "Favorites". After that, it is only added once each time you use the "Collect" drop down. So doing Collect -> Favorites twice for an image gets you three copies of the image in your collection. Editing the collection and deleting the image just once still deletes all instances of the image.

    It seems like at one point, there was a feature which prevented an image from being added to "Favorites" more than once. Perhaps something has gone Horribly Wrong in the implementation.