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Windows Magnifier

  • WillowSkye by WillowSkye

    Hello, glad this picture was revisited because it made me remember something I had forgotten. If you have a Microsoft Windows Operating System chances are you will have the Magnifier tool which is very cool! I use Microsoft's Windows 7 and to access the tool you go to Start and under Programs, select Accessories, select Ease of Access and there you will see Magnifier. Under Views in the Menu, you can choose Lens and change the zoom to 200 % and even way more than that! It's much easier to use the Lens option because then you can still see the classification items instead of having to zoom in to the maximum in Chrome & other Internet Browsers and you can move it around on the picture as you like. Furthermore, it looks like pixellation only begins at 600 %. However, I do not know where the tool is located in Windows 8 & 10 but a search in Help usually helps. I have been using it tonight (its 22:29 here) and is helping a lot. Hope this helps all of you too 😃


  • by scientist

    Cool, thanks for the tip!