Chicago Wildlife Watch Talk

Idea to help us tag wildlife

  • HillBilly by HillBilly

    I had an idea (actually two/three ideas) that could help us tag wildlife better.

    Maybe the cameras should take three or four sequential images, and present them all to us in a way that we can use a little scrubber (slider) underneath the image frame to look through all of the sequential images. This way, we can see better whatever it was that moved, and be less likely to incorrectly tag "nothing here."

    In addition, for the above camera, grey-scale images could be false-colored where the first image is made into the red values for the image, the second image is made into the green values for the image, and the third image is made into the blue values for the image. Anything that has a colored outline (i.e. something that looks like chromatic aberration) is something that moved during the images.

    We could also instead be given three images at day and three images at night of the place without wildlife (i.e. background images). That way, we can notice a difference more easily, and thus catch any wildlife.