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CWW in the news...skunks on the move!!!

  • ForestPreserve by ForestPreserve moderator

    The CWW is featured on DNAInfo under the sensational headline Skunks Are Getting Closer To Downtown, Hidden Cameras Reveal.

    While it's not as exciting as reports of the Gary Bear or the Winnetka Wildcat, the article does quote the UWI's Liza Lehrer, who advises us to seal any woodchuck burrows to keep the skunks away. (Good to know, not sure how the Joe Woodchuck is gonna feel about it.)

    The article ends with this:

    Lehrer said the camera trap program also has photographed mink, beaver and muskrats within city limits, and flying squirrels and grey foxes in the suburbs.
    Grey foxes? Have we seen more than that one?

    Just a little something to tide us over until the new season starts....