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raccoons invade brooklyn

  • ForestPreserve by ForestPreserve moderator

    In a very timely manner, the New York Times has documented how "Raccoons Invade Brooklyn". The article includes a tipsy raccoon, which kind of confirms my suspicions.

    There's also a reference to the Gotham Coyote Project, with it's own camera traps. The GCP in turn references the Wild Suburbia Project in New York and Connecticut, which includes bobcat and black bear sightings.


  • abloss by abloss

    I love it! I guess that tipsy raccoon was drunk as a skunk.


  • WillowSkye by WillowSkye

    Awww, the poor raccoon!! It must like your beer very much. So I'm wondering, what do you put in your beer as flavouring? I guess, the raccoon will be used for marketing from now on? I can just imagine the commercial: "Raccoon Swoon Beer", "Guaranteed for the Tipsy Tasty Feeling." Then you've also got Pizza Raccoon and Croissant Squirrel according to the links supplied in the article.... 😛

    But on the serious side, I'm glad the raccoons are not exterminated. It still doesn't solve the problem, though. I guess, it is also easy for me to speak since I don't live in your country. However, upon Google-ing, I saw that raccoons only live for 2 - 3 years in the wild. In captivity, maybe 20 years. So what would their lifespan be on the urban streets of Brooklyn?

    Regarding the Gotham Coyote Project: Awesome! 😃 I like that they are going to take DNA samples and will so be able to track individuals and where the coyotes are from 😃

    Returning, however, to raccoons, I have to ask (please excuse a foreigner), is the exterminator really called "Nice Jewish Boys Who Kill Bugs" (refer to article) because that's just Way Cool! 😄