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Update on 3-year old, escaped lion named Sylvester

  • WillowSkye by WillowSkye

    Good news. Enjoy 😃


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Two dozen sheep?! Sounds like he enjoyed himself. o_o


  • ForestPreserve by ForestPreserve moderator

    And now we have the "Milwaukee Lion", or at least what police are terming a "lion-ish creature".

    (Milwaukee is a city about 90 miles / 150 km north of Chicago. In the movie Wayne's World, Wayne and Garth journey from their home near Chicago to Milwaukee to attend an Alice Cooper concert. I mention this because it's pretty much the only cultural reference to Milwaukee I can think of. Despite their love of beer and sausages, Milwaukeans are regarded with mistrust by Chicagoans.)

    And we also have the Indiana Dunes bear. (The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is the closest national park to Chicago.)

    And this being baseball season, we're expecting a visit from the Detroit Tigers on August 18, where they will no doubt maul the Chicago Cubs once again in interleague play.

    Yes, that's right, lions and tigers and bears, oh, my! The CWW may need some additional buttons.

    (Sadly, football's Chicago Bears don't play the Detroit Lions in Chicago until January 1, 2016, so there's no possibility the Tigers will also be in town that day, unlike their October meeting in Detroit.)