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Where are the squirrels in winter???

  • Bonnie123 by Bonnie123

    It appears the old saying "the birds fly south for the winter" may apply to the squirrels as well (just kidding). But seriously where are the squirrels? are they staying in their trees eating all the acorns and nuts that they collected in the spring/summer?? I'm not seeing many animals at in these winter shots, but I've only seen 2 squirrels, one looked rather traumatized since his little feet were on the snow, he didn't look happy at all.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB

    I thought squirrels hibernated. 😄


  • camelsamba by camelsamba

    According to Animal Diversity Web, gray squirrels do not hibernate but they are less active in winter:
    (similar comments for fox and red squirrels). I know squirrels are definitely active in populated areas where I live - similar climate to Chicago - but I don't see them as often at my house. Maybe that's because of the lower activity levels?


  • lesizz by lesizz

    "Less active in winter".
    Applies to the humans too.