Chicago Wildlife Watch Talk


  • buffalogroveP by buffalogroveP

    Hi DZM,

    Should we be hashtagging all the time? What do you guys want us to be doing with the hashtag thing?


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hi Patti!

    I'm not part of the science team (you'll want to wait for one of the Lincoln Park Zoo folks to respond for an official answer), but generally, yes, hashtagging is extremely helpful! Whenever you get a particularly clear/cool image, please do add the hashtag of the animal you see ( #coyote, #raccoon, etc.) It helps the scientists to gather similar photos together (and thus see where all da coyotes at, etc. :p)

    The more hashtagging you can do, the better for everyone!

    And don't forget to look out for #actionsquirrel. (this might not be suuuuuper helpful for the scientists, but it sure is fun!)

    Thanks for participating!



  • mason_UWI by mason_UWI scientist

    Hi Patti!

    Please hashtag great photos!

    1. we love to see them / share on social media
    2. we use these great photos in year end reports to all of the great landowners whose land we sample


    -Mason LPZ