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  • dr.whyte by dr.whyte

    Hi there,

    My name is Laura Whyte - I work at the Adler Planetarium and I'm part of the team who built the project in collaboration with Lincoln Park Zoo. I'm originally from the UK, so I the variety of wildlife here in Chicago is really surprising to me. I'm going to try and collect one of each animal - I was please to spot a racoon already!


  • mason_UWI by mason_UWI scientist

    15,000 photos tagged in the first day! That would take our interns over a month to complete. We are truly amazed, very excited for this project, and are very thankful to the hard work that the Adler and the Zooniverse have put into this!

    Thanks all!


  • Janet_Jaguar by Janet_Jaguar

    I wish I had heard of this sooner - fun to do my own home town. 😃


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Yes, welcome, Janet!

    I know you're up my way on the North Shore, so maybe you'll find this as interesting as I do: . I get skunks around my house all the time, but I never realized that they're so urban-adverse... or that raccoons and coyotes were that urban-bold!


  • buffalogroveP by buffalogroveP

    I wish some of those skunks would leave the suburbs! We have an over abundance 😉